Alexey Dubinksy was born and lives at North coast of the Black Sea, Novorossiysk, Russia. He has been shooting since 2004, first starting with landscapes and then had an urge to photograph both portraiture and nude. Most of the pictures are taken while he traveled just to remember the places he’s been.

“Men as my models is actually out of my interests. Seeing as I am a man, I’m existing and everything is clear for me. A female’s nature is more organic in my stories. It’s something that I want to understand deeper level.”

Alexey’s images are constantly beautiful and unique, being inspired by the place he was born. He uses only film cameras and he successfully captures touching, yet raw and wild photographs, as he mentions: “I’m in love with transparency films such as Kodak 100vs. It gives me everything I expect from a photo or even better; vivid saturation and amazing contrast.”

“I prefer landscapes with the traces of humans, their presence, their intrusion and changes that they carry.”

All photo credits: Alexey Dubinsky

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