After the hysteria caused by the TV series ‘The Vikings’ among movie buffs, now a new series with a similar theme runs on the small screens. ‘The Slavs’, the most expensive Slovak TV series ever made is a “fictional reconstruction of a historical period with fantastic and supernatural elements”, inspired by Slovak and Ukrainian myths and fairy tales.

More precisely, the entire adventure revolves around the 7th Century and follows the lives of the occupants of the Carpathian basin, at the time before the union of Slav tribes.

This sword-and-sorcery story takes place between two hill forts and centers on their business and power interests as well as the pressure exerted on them by the incoming Avars. The series follows young adult Draha (Polina Nosykhina) and a mysterious stranger called Vlad (Juraj Loj), whom she has saved from the first hill fort. Alongside this, there is another plotline set in the second hill fort of Furnau, focusing on fighter Radúz (Tomáš Maštalír) and his desire for offspring.

Thus, with this long-awaited release, ‘The Slavs’ marks the first foray into HQ television production in the field of Slovak audiovisual production.

The main characters are played by Ukrainian actress Polina Nosykhina and Slovak actors Juraj Loj, Tomáš Maštalír, Dušan Cinkota and Jana Kvantiková.

‘The Slavs’ is being co-produced by the European Partnership Media Group, Slovenská produkčná (TV Joj), and Wandal Production. The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the Slovak Audiovisual Fund have supported the project.

Wandal Production (Slovakia)
European Partnership Media Group (Ukraine)

TV JOJ Slovenská produkčná (Slovakia)

Directors: Peter Bebjak, Michal Blaško, Serhii Sanin, Oleg Stakhursky
Scriptwriters: Jozef Koleják, Veronika Kolejáková, Ján Luterán
DOPs: Martin Žiaran, Stanislav Adam, Volodymyr Ivanov
Production sound mixer: Peter Polak
Art Director: Pavlo Yarmusevich
Costume designer: Kaya Vitvitska
Make-up artist superviser: Michaela Kickova
Makeup artist on set: Mariia Ortynska
Stunt coordinator: Roman Jankovič
Cast: Polina Nosykhina, Juraj Loj, Tomáš Maštalír, Dušan Cinkota, Jana Kvantiková

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