Adrian Cristea has built a stunning portfolio of sensual and dramatic portraits of women, allowing the viewers to interpret the stories behind each photo. Mostly using natural light and powerful compositions, he is able to create poignant photographs that will leave you breathless, writing a story around a face. Adrian likes to travel and do sports, but he is always thinking about his next photo. Each of his photographs show a real skill for color and light, and it feels like he sometimes has really elaborated scenery, and other times some of his models are in really minimal timeless and spaceless places. Hope you will enjoy our chat about discovering Adrian and his creative stories. 

First thing off, tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Adrian, I am 27 years old and I am an art lover. I studied ecology from high school to college, had some teenage jobs, then spent time with some creative activities that would allow me to express myself. For me, portrait photography is the best way to express what I see or want to see, sometimes a memory. I chose to do this even though I did not receive much support except for my mother who encouraged and trusted me.

How did you first started to photograph and what is it that draws you to this?

From the first I chose to do portrait photography because I like people. Most portraits are women with strong emotional experiences who have the ability to play them in front of the camera (feelings, moments, beauty, peace, naturalness). I bought the first camera (Nikon D7200) at the beginning of 2018, I didn’t know how to use it but I really wanted to show what has always been on my mind. Every shooting I meet new people with new stories, I like to understand the people I shoot and create something in a beautiful combination of imagination and attitude of the model.

Model: Elena-Maria Popescu
Model: Catty Ioana
Model: Irina Rimes
Model: Irina Rimes
Model: Catty Ioana

Can you tell us a bit more about the process of how your images are born?

I’m on the subway or on the street and I see people with different reactions that I correlate with something in my mind. In a few days I find a place and a person who I think fits in the story. I like to discover the model, I start shooting everything as seen, with natural gestures and movements, then I start to implement my idea but at the same time I leave everything free for the model. I arrive home with a few photos that I select carefully and edit very little so as not to distort the reality of our subconscious but only to accentuate it.

Is it something about nude photography that interests you the most?

I avoid undressing a woman to suggest sensuality. I’m trying to get it out of her eyes.

What keeps you inspired?

The reality that we refuse to see. Sometimes it’s beautiful sometimes is not.

In three words, describe your artistic aesthetic.

Authentic, real and colorful.

Model: Irina Salajeanu
Model: Maxine
Model: Nika
Model: Maxine
Model: Ana Vitsa

How do you portray femininity in your work?

I try to render everything as it is even if it seems imperfect. We are used to hiding imperfections but we never thought about how special that would make us. Femininity is in fact an attitude not a form … I try to make each viewer imagine his own image, the only thing we (I and the model) induce is the attitude.

Who would you say are some of the biggest influences on your work?

One of my favorites is Alessio Albi. He also uses natural light and knows exactly when to press the shutter button. He is one of the artists I have been following since I started shooting. I also adore some older photographers like Helmut Newton or Bert Hardy and many others.

In a sea of photographers, how do you think your photos stand out amongst your peers?

Photography is something personal, all photographs have something unique like people. My photos are colorful, original and lively. They can be distinguished by my composition and mood.

If there was one thing you wanted your audience to take from your work, what would it be?

Being art, I don’t think anything can be taken from someone else. But I think my composition and colors are interesting. I am even willing to share them.

Is there one image of yours that can be seen as the defining epicenter of your catalog?

This one:

Model: Catty Ioana

Where do you find yourself when you’re not taking photos?

Thinking about the next photo … I am actually a person who loves sports, I like to travel. Sometimes I go to the theater or to various artistic activities.

Model: Timus Georgiana
Model: Roxana Zaharia
Model: Timus Georgiana

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