WOLVENNEST was started in 2013 by Kirby Michel, Corvus Von Burtle, and Marc De Backer. It proposes a compositional process of guitar loops, repetitive beats, synthesizers keys mixed to darkened hypnotic ambient vocal sounds.

April 2019 saw WOLVENNEST performing the album “Void” live in its entirety for a unique show on the mainstage of Roadburn Festival with an exclusive line-up made of Shazzula (vocals/theremin), Michel Kirby (guitar), Corvus Von Burtle (guitar), Marc De Backer (guitar), John Marx (bass), Bram Moerenhout (drums), DéHà (vocals) and lead member of The Ruins Of Beverast Alexander Von Meilenwald (vocals) as special guest.

We talked to Shazzula about her inspirational journeys, favorite musicians, inspiration, and many more in an enchanting interview.

CVLT: Hello Shazzula and thank you for your time and for this interview! I loved your performance at Roadburn Redux totally amazing! How was this experience for you, to play in an empty location without the crowd? 

Shazzula: Thank you! I did it with respect for the Roadburn Festival and my friends in Wolvennest, but my mind was not “into it”. I missed the Roadburners A LOT! What a weird feeling to see Tilburg empty while it is normally full of weirdos, metalheads… 

For the Nest, I had no pressure, I improvised on the theremin and some synths, but for Wolvennest, I’m the lead singer, we NEVER played those songs live, so it was a lot of pressure, maybe a little too much with all those cameras, etc. 

I admire crazy good musicians who propose something innovative and who don’t have an ego. The ones with egos can go fuck themselves.

But after 2 songs, I was into it, and I enjoyed it as much as I could. I really loved doing the song Incarnation with Déhà for example. It’s my favorite song of the new album, and I felt it had another dimension when we played it with a big sound on a stage. I also must say a big thank you to ALL the people who watched the show online and gave us good energy with their reactions. That gave me a reason for having done it: a lot of people enjoyed it and sent us love. 

This pandemic changed our lives entirely. How do you manage to get through this? 

I went back to university for one year to do a course I swore to do 20 years ago. So, all in all, I tried to do my best during this weird time. It’s mentally challenging, I don’t know if I get “through” it, I do my best, like everyone. I’m not naive, maybe it will never be the same again. I’m afraid of culture, but I’m happy to see artists creating things right now. Whatever happens, if you have something in you, share it the way you can!

What are your biggest sources of inspiration?

Nature, animals and silence.

Are there any albums that inspired you in your musical career or why not your life?

Those discovered teen still favorites:
Ruth White “Flowers Of Evil”; White Noise “An Electric Storm”; Popol Vuh 
So many… different kind… it can go to U.R, to Native Indians recording archives… 

Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

Not a musician in particular. But I admire crazy good musicians who propose something innovative and who don’t have an ego. The ones with egos can go fuck themselves, and it’s not even an insult, I think it’s what they want. 

What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next years? 

I still do videos for bands, and still plan to finish, one day, the trilogy I started years ago. I went to Mongolia for the first part 6 years ago, and will slowly think about the next move for the second part, without taking big financial risks. It’s possible to do crazy things with will and imagination, so I’m sure I’ll find a way to create something exciting. I’ll do my best!

Describe your favorite and least favorite part about being a musician? What about the touring? 

Touring frightens me a little but I get in the right mood after 2 or 3 shows, and then it’s pleasure. The band sounds tighter every night, it’s a good feeling. Being in a different city every day is also something that I enjoy. Different cultures, feelings, emotions, vibes, it can be fun!

Being a musician means that life is never the same, because you meet people here and there, collaborate with them, explore new territories. 

Since you have such a powerful voice and a remarkable presence on stage have you been in other projects as well?

More than 10 years ago, I used to play in the French band Aqua Nebula Oscillator. Several releases, shitloads of shows, fun, and chaos. After that, I collaborated here and there with other bands, sometimes on a recording, sometimes just as a guest for live shows.  

Do you play other instrument(s) except the one you already play (theremin)? 

I improvise on analog synths and search for weird sounds. I “feel” the music more than I understand it. I would say that theremin is really the instrument I feel the more comfortable with.

What advice would you give to women who are about to start their musical career in metal music? What they can possibly expect?

Work on your skills! That’s the same for every musician, male or female. Work with people who respect you and that you respect. And most important: have fun! That’s the whole point of doing music.

Thank you again for doing this, last words belongs to you! Cheers from Romania.

Thank you, love from Belgium!

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Photos: (c) Thomas Huntke

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