One of the darkest songs from the Michigan metalcore quartet City State‘s new material, ‘Into The Night’ is about a mental descent. The lyrics consider what it’s like to completely lose hope and the fear that in the end, everything will have been for nothing. It is a representation of what a lot of us are going through during these trying times in the world. The gloom that comes within the message of the track synchronizes with fresh but familiar bouncy riffs, and brutal screams mixed with soulful, melodic vocals. All these elements combined make a powerful, intense listen.

City State is a metalcore band from Grand Rapids, Michigan, that was formed at the end of 2017 by Duncan Green, Logan Jahr, and Parker Sovinski. The band was completed by the addition of Daniel Bryan at the beginning of 2018. City State released an EP, “Finding Solace in Loss” in June 2018, before officially signing to Famined Records and releasing their debut album “Equinox”, in September of 2019.

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