Year: 2023

Demi A. Gets the Spotlight in NSFW Series by Belgian Photographer Marc T.

Belgian photographer Marc T. recognizes beauty when he sees it. Tattoos are the focus of the artist’s latest series, ‘Fleshing Words‘. While the cultural taboo against inked-up women is still strong, he wants his subjects to come out powerfully and share their stories. If you love this series, then you’ll […]

A Journey Into The Nipple World w/ Romanian Designer Maria Dima

For those who appreciate unique and different jewelry or want to empower their day with one-of-a-kind jewelry, Maria Dima is the one for you. There is no doubt that Maria’s last collection elicits expressive designs that adorn your soul and connect you with your inner self, no matter whether you […]

Belgian Photographer Marc T Releases Limited Edition Nude Print Box ‘Corpus’

The work of photographer Marc T includes striking cinematic street photography as well as stunning portraits and intimate editorials. Despite the wide range of his work, his photographs are imbued with an element of elegance and imperfection. In concluding a project that spanned several years, the artist has decided to […]

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