‘Paris Obsession’ Exclusive Series by Lena Ciobanu

We featured Andreea’s work before here, and we sure maintain our idea that her portfolio is “both erotic and elegant, with the light of her photographs“. Craiova-based photographer, Lena Ciobanu presents an exclusive series called ‘Paris Obsession‘, a project that portraits two stunning women with facial expressions so powerful, they can tell an entire story with a single gaze. Each photograph captures delicate and natural beauty with an emotive strength. When asked about her inspiration and the series name she told Cultartes: “The names of ‘Paris Obsessions’ comes from my adoration for freedom, in all its forms and, it’s inspired by French culture. I myself was inspired by Ana Karina and Jean Seberg in Godard’s vision and also by Eva Green in ‘The Dreamers’. The spirit’s freedom is a fruit we all crave for.”

The models I photographed are two talented girls: Andreea aka Regyna, a singer, composer, model and a teacher; and Pascariuc Jo who is a high-school student, but a model with high hopes for acting. These girls’ energy is fantastic and I find them perfect for my series. The world I create in my head is full of obsessions, of passions and strange ideas that can be seen more and more in what I photograph. And it’s only the beginning.

Models: Andreea aka Regyna | Pascariuc Jo

All copyrights: Lena Ciobanu

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