Andreea Elena aka LENArt is a young Romanian photographer, filmmaker and video editor based in Craiova. I stumbled across her works few months ago and I find her portfolio both erotic and elegant, with light at the heart of her photographs. She mainly focuses on sensitive, soft portraits while she already developed an amazing signature style. Andreea admits she „loves to shoot the true character of people, just the moment when they are most vulnerable and sincere.” This series suggests a powerful, intense, emotional game and I think it’s one of a hell red aesthetic collection.

For me photography first started as a hobby, but now it’s more than that; it just feeds my soul. I paint with shadows, lights and colors and I play with emotions. I don’t just photograph beautiful faces, for me it’s essential to create stories and mystery, to create confusion and intrigue. My photos are not to be understood, but to be felt.

My canvas is the world and I paint with souls, shadows, and lights.

Model: Anca Nicolici

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All copyrights: (c) LENArt Photography

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