Founded in 2022 in Timisoara, Romania, Berlin Division is an electronic music project that combines vintage synthpop and darkwave elements with modern techno rhythms. We are excited to premiere on CVLTARTES the Berlin Division‘s newest collab with Thea. ‘So Alive‘ is a love-fueled dichotomy, where nostalgia takes center stage alongside lyrics that contract the optimism imbued within the song’s title.

Dreamy electronics, and celestial-like vocals by Thea and Cristian Paros evoke hints of the peculiarity that characterizes Berlin Division‘s music. Reverb-laden synths and layers of vocal harmonies show the dive into electro/pop that the two artists have looked to achieve with their latest work. Its tunes are danceable, and the vibes of a real-life hot long summer are certainly palpable.

The indie sensibilities infused in the first half of ‘So Alive‘ make way for a passionate and raw refrain. With a gradual increase in electronic influences and a dynamic outro, it feels like the idyllic dream of summer has taken its last breath before fading into the ether. Charting new sonic territory but retaining core elements of their artistry, ‘So Alive’ is an impressive piece of work from two artists who are evolving exponentially.

On their collaboration, Cristian Paros says “We officially met at the Muzicon Summercamp where we were part of the same team and I think I can say for both of us that we felt very good and it was very easy for us to collaborate, right from the beginning. I had an idea for a beat over which I kept trying to make a vocal line, but I wasn’t really satisfied with what came out.

I had talked with Thea after the camp about how we were trying to collaborate and for me, this was the perfect moment. The process was as fluid as possible. I sent him what I had and after about 2-3 days I received a version with everything over the voice, which I liked from the first listen. I changed several times and finally, the version that can be listened to now came out.”

I don’t like to define the message of the songs I write. They can capture so many new emotions and feelings depending on the soul they resonate with. For me, the song exudes a strong sense of freedom and embracing the unknown and the ecstasy that comes with its discovery. A desire to live beautifully without needing to have any explanation for the happiness felt.


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