Ashbury Heights is known for Anders Hagström’s unique voice and distinctive style of music. For the new output, the band has joined forces with Danny Blu to create another energetic track. 

’Cutscenes’ featuring Danny Blu is an unusually dark one for Ashbury Heights. A razor-sharp cut of pent-up emotions and buzzsaw basslines moving forward with all the unrelenting swagger of a tank.

After remixing Danny Blu’s single ’Paradise City’ we felt there was something more there, and that we all wanted to explore where further collaboration could take us.

In ‘Cutscenes’ Scandinavian introversion meets American extroversion. The result is a moody and suggestive track mixing old-school industrial cues with the pop sensibilities that both artists are known for. Danny Blu brings his otherworldly energy and Ashbury Heights brings their engine of hurt for him to fuel. It is a perfect storm of ghostlike emptiness and emotional turmoil; a lightning strike at a lonely heart. 

After the release of the album “The Victorian Wallflowers”, Ashbury Heights returned with their first singer Yaz and new Future Pop hit-singles for Goth and Electro fans.

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Cover photo: (c) Andreas Aalto