After 10 years of touring around the country and bringing the best stoner to their homeland, Roadkill Soda has decided, alongside Psychedelicious, to bring us a new concept: Roadkill Fest, a festival dedicated to Stoner/Doom/Psychedelic Rock.

At the core of Roadkill Festival is a desire to push the boundaries of art, to change the face of Romanian rock events, to encourage collaborations, to challenge performances, and to create a solid once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone joining the festival, be they participating on stage or in the audience.

Roadkill Festival takes place on October 10th, in Expirat Club, Bucharest. Joining the fest for their first edition, so far, are Puta Volcano, King Solomon, Church of Cthulhu, and Tragic.

Puta Volcano has always played a significant role in the Greek heavy rock scene, pushing forward what they first set in 2012. “AMMA” is the band’s latest release, enforcing a long-lasting relationship with their fanbase. Their talent for constructing new sounds from the old building blocks of heavy psychedelia is simply awe-inspiring.

King Solomon, is not another band, with absolutely no members whatsoever from RoadkillSoda, Damage Case, or Crossbone. With a live performance that includes their heavy yet infectious grooves and stream of consciousness approach to improv jams, King Solomon is the fresh new good-looking face from the local music scene. Their debut record was released in 2019, and their second album is already in the making, waiting to see the light and delight psychedelic, jam lovers.

Church of Cthulhu was born from the cosmic horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft. After five discographic materials, this obscure cult has started to seek new followers that might feed their occult, doom, stoner, and sludge frequencies. Soon a church with proper documents, seeing their live performance at Roadkill Festival is mandatory if you want to join their cult.

Tragic delivers a combination of doom, psychedelic, post, and sludge metal under the form of tragic metal. Starting in 2012, the band has released their first EP “Cronos”, followed by concerts, tours, and deprivation until 2019. Later on, Tragic releases the first full-length album called “Mirrors”. 2021 brings new energy, new songs, and the first post-pandemic performance at Roadkill Festival.

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