Portuguese surrealist artist Santiago Ribeiro participates with two paintings in the international exhibition as part of the event promoted by the Chinese Association for the Promotion of Worldwide Ethnic Cultural Exchanges, which has more than 200 pieces of contemporary art, including paintings and sculptures by many international modern and contemporary artists.

Pandemic (2021)
– oil on canvas –

“This painting was inspired by the corruption of the vaccine distribution in Portugal where hundreds and hundreds of politicians took it before the priority groups.”

Swifts the Birds (2020)
– oil on canvas –

“These birds and trees are from Latvia and I mixed the idea from Ilona Ruiva with fantasy, realism, and surrealism”

The exhibition can be seen at the end of the entire event, where any proceeds from sales, a percentage reverts to the “Charity fund for education” responsible for the art exhibition.

The Chinese Association for the Promotion of Worldwide Ethnic Cultural Exchanges is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China.

Carrying forward the spirit of patriotism, internationalism, and humanitarianism, and building a bridge for cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign nations, contribute to the enhancement of understanding and friendship between the nations of the world and the promotion of the excellent cultures of the nations of the world.

Location: Silk Road Cultural Exchange Center, Langfang City, Hebei Province, China, 50 kilometers south of central Beijing. Proposed meeting time: mid-September 2022.

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