Germany based photographer Martin Neuhof was born in 1984 and perhaps the stories of his grandfather Friedrich Gahlbeck (the youngest photographer of the former GDR) made him start this wild journey. I would describe his style as a surreal, conceptual one, whilst he sees it more like an act of freedom. Martin is strongly rooted with his hometown of Leipzig, prove that he won the Youth Photo Prize of the Visionale Leipzig back in 2009.

The Same Series

He shoots powerful and sensual portraits, creating different, unworldly scenarios; all the while Martin uses natural landscape to improve the visual effect and the message he wants to convey. Everything is beautifully placed, his subjects are perfectly chosen and the impact is a surprising one. If feels like he tries to create an ode to beauty, these are photos to adore and admire, to rave about them.

Vertrauen II
The Same
Julia Dots I
Caro Anker I

All photo credits: Martin Neuhof

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