CORECASS is the solo brainchild and creative outlet of distinguished Hamburg based musician and composer Elinor Lüdde. Since its inception in 2014, CORECASS has been able to look beyond the conventional approach and fuse together instruments such as harp, accordion, electric guitar, and her natural voice, combined alongside field recordings, foleys, and digital or synthesized instruments in order to create something truly unique and expressive. The result is an innovative and cinematic style of music – an elegiacally dark and atmospheric conglomerate made of cliché busting conceptions between electronic and non-electronic sounds and sources. 

Watch ‘V O I D I’:

Director – Elinor Lüdde,
Camera & Editing – Jeppe Nørholm Rohde,
Costume – Nina Divitschek,
Actress – Elinor Lüdde

With several well-received releases and film scores already under her belt, CORECASS has once again found a new way to explore and challenge both herself and the listener by evoking a wealth of feelings through her anomalous musical expressions. In her newest offering, V O I D, she uses her multi-instrumental talents to interpret and repurpose the world around her into an ethereal mix of sounds that encapsulates a full spectrum of emotions. The most driving component in her latest release is a church organ, which provides an especially unique character due to its distinctive tonal qualities. With the creation of V O I DCORECASS has discovered fresh ways to convey a myriad of states through a series of movements and interludes. Filled with weaving audio narratives that transcend traditional genres, it pushes the boundaries of what can be accomplished through the medium of sound.

V O I D is available on Golden Antenna Records and it will no doubt be another well-received release in CORECASS’s already prolific catalog. You can order the album here.

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