First listen and my breath stopped for a bit. I was very lucky to buy the last ticket to happiness. Two years ago I saw them live and it was probably one of the best gigs I ever been to.

STILL CORNERS‘ multi-instrumentalist Greg Hughes and vocalist Tessa Murray approach dream pop through a synth-laden, nocturnal scope. Do you need an escape from reality and wanna dream far, far away? ‘The Last Exit’ their latest single just released it’s more than perfect to dream on. I had it on repeat for a while and I am sure it will stay with me for a while now.

‘The Last Exit’ takes you on a hypnotic journey, one filled with dilapidated towns, mysterious shapes on the horizon.

Masters of making listeners feel like they’re traveling alone on an endless highway or that something, someone is waiting behind every corner… so make sure you’ll put an ear on when it will be released on 21st January 2021 on Wrecking Light Records. This is the fifth studio album of Still Corners and I honestly can’t wait for it!

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Miruna Vitriol

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