Korn, one of the most influential names of the international rock and metal scene, who significantly contributed to defining and promoting the nu-metal current, and Spiritbox, one of the new metal sensations of the moment, will come to the ARTmania Festival stage, which will take place during 26 – 28 July 2024 in Sibiu, Transylvania.

The two bands join the line-up of the 17th edition which includes several well-established names which will perform in the Large Square of Sibiu, names like (A-Z): Borknagar (NO), Monuments (UK), Satyricon (NO), The Flower Kings (SE), Alpha Q (RO), Awake the Demons (RO) and TAINE (RO), new artists will be announced in the close future.

Korn’s show is part of the European tour dedicated to promoting their latest album, „Requiem”, the band choosing to perform at the ARTmania festival after almost ten years since their last concert in Romania.

Formed in 1993 in Bakersfield, California, by three members of the former funk metal band L.A.P.D, Korn (SUA), took the music world by storm since its debut, surprising with a completely new sound for that time.

With Ross Robinson’s help (producer), the band laid the foundations of what would later be known as the “nu-metal” genre with their influential 1994 self-titled debut and its even more successful follow-up “Life is Peachy” (1996). The debut album consolidated Korn’s status as “one of the biggest «game changers» in the musical history of the ‛90s”, which will influence and inspire many artists and pave the way for the emergence of some of the most successful young bands of the moment.

But the albums “Follow the Leader” (1998, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, with at least 268,000 copies sold in the first week after its release) and then “Issues” (1999), were the ones that brought Korn the spotlight and mainstream commercial success, strengthening their place as music industry legends always situated at the top of preferences around the world, with a successful career which continues to last even almost 30 years after their debut.

This legend of the international metal scene, which has 14 studio albums and an impressive track record of awards, will meet again its Romanian fans at ARTmania Festival, on the 27th of July, during a show that promises to be memorable!

Spiritbox (CA), the new metal sensation of our days, considered the only band in recent years, since Slipknot, that experienced such a rapid ascent will perform for the first time in Romania at ARTmania.

Spiritbox, named after the device believed to be able to speak to those who have passed on to the other world, is the band that amassed 66 million streams before releasing their debut album, further increasing that number to 300 million after the release of their first LP, “Eternal Blue” (2017), which reached #1 on the US’s and Canada’s rock and hard rock charts, peaking at #13 on the Billboard 200.

The renowned “Kerrang!” magazine gave this album a perfect review of 5/ 5, calling it “the debut of the year” and reserved its cover for the band, an appearance which was followed by others on the covers of Revolver, Poll Star, Rock Sound or Metal Hammer magazine (which gave a 10/ 10 review and called it “a masterpiece of modern heavy metal music“) and by articles in other well-known publications like Loudwire, Forbes, Billboard, AltPress or Spin.

After the debut album whose name was inspired by the eponymous computer virus, Spiritbox released two more EPs, which were well-received by both the public and the music industry, a mashup in collaboration with rap artist Megan Thee Stallion and, this year, received (2024) its first Grammy nomination, in the “best metal performance” category, for the song ” Jaded

At ARTmania, on the 27th of July, rock and metal enthusiasts will have the chance to meet the ferocious intensity carefully combined with melodic passages, the technical splendor, and the deep emotions generated by the unique Spiritbox signature!

Daily schedule:

Friday, 26th of July
The Flower Kings
Alpha Q
3 new bands will be soon announced

Saturday, 27th of July
Awake The Demons

Festival passes and day tickets for ARTmania Festival 2024 are available here and at iabilet.ro.

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