undertheskin is one-man studio project / live trio. It’s like post-punk double espresso – intense, driven by coldness & dark atmosphere of the 80’s electronics mixed with shoegaze/post-punk guitars – together with extraordinary male vocals create the atmosphere of inevitable end.

We refer about undertheskin as a one-man band. What does it involve the searchof the right people for live performances?

Yeah, undertheskin is basically one man studio act, but at the same time it’s a living band too, and well, I got a lot of luck and I don’t even need to search for musicians. Tom Tylor is my good oldfriend – we played together in my other band before undertheskin. Maciej – in addition to being my friend also – he started his bass adventures with learning my songs and it was forming undertheskin that gave Maciek the impulse to try his strength on bass, which was great, as he grew to be a really excellent musician. So, as I mentioned, I am very lucky to have the opportunity to work with people close to me who are also great musicians. We act on stage like one organism which is a beautiful thing.

Post-punk music has such a distinct touch, slightly melancholic and rather mysterious. If post-punk were to be a person, would you like to have it as a friend or a girl to hit on? What physical characteristics should it have?

Sure, I could have such a friend or girlfriend. Melancholy and sensitivity to art would certainly be appreciated. And physically, um, I suspect dark hair, an eclectic style of dress, a sophisticated musical taste, a sarcastic sense of humour maybe.

People tend to listen to music when they to this or the other. What activity fits undertheskin’s music?

It’s hard for me to say. I would like to think that it is something important for listeners. In my opinion, it works perfectly as a background for your internal suffering, maybe crying in the dark, but at the same time it has a positive-energetic element. Works well when driving a car, at the gym or on the subway. In general – recommended to contemplate your own hopelessness – wherever you are.

Do you have any habits when writing a song?

Well I tend to work at night, usually with some whiskey or beer, but most of my vocal parts emerge during the day with a lot of coffee – this is a ritual. Songs often have a title first – describing their atmosphere – full lyrics are created later – most often they arise in unusual places and time, for example, on the road back from work or when eating breakfast. I write the ideas on my phone and then work on them along with the formation of a song.

Photo by Liudmyla Radyk

Do you believe in inspiration or is it more of a myth?

Inspiration is the most important part of the creative process. I am inspired by everything I experience everyday. The music I listen to, the movies I watch, the art I am familiar with or people I meet on my way. Everything – all these things influence what kind of person and artist you are.

When we think of a rockstar a certain look spontaneously pups in our head, a certain behavior; it’s already a complex concept well impregnated in the social consciousness. How does a punkstar or rather a post-punkstar look like?

Probably there is something – I can imagine it – but for me it is a state of mind, a kind of sensitivity and perception of the world. It may not be visible at first sight.

Since we’re discussing fashion, how a line clothing inspired by undertheskin music would look like?

I’m not a fashion designer, but I would definitely put on black, silver details – probably hoods, to hide from this cruel world, maybe some zips and holes symbolising unhealed wounds. It’s kind of prêt à porté kind of fashion with some distinctive touches.

Would you see yourself performing on the runway? What would be the strangest place you could imagine performing?

Oh, I can play everywhere – even in the Vatican.

When you go on tour, what normally arouses your curiosity the most about the place you visit?

There’s a kind of routine – first of all we look for some local food restaurant to try the best local dishes, then we search for a place to chill – swimming pool, sauna or a park. We like to check out some art galleries and generally just fool around the city to absorb its atmosphere and get as much as possible from the place we are visiting.

The most pleasant thing while on touring vs the less pleasant

Well the coolest thing is to meet new people, fans all over the world – discovering new places, customs, food etc. The worst thing is lack of sleep or eating at the gas stations for example.

An album is considered successful when:

Maybe when it finally comes out.

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Cover photo: Liudmyla Radyk

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