With the new album “A Second,” Gong Wah just launched the second stage of their Fuzzwave rocket, refining the fuel with a shot of bitter pop and a dose of sweet darkness and so follow up their persuasive 2020 debut seamlessly.

Nima Davari and Giso Simon on drums and bass push the Songs up front while guitarists Thorsten Dohle, who produced “A Second” as well as the debut in the band’s own Chestnut Tree Studio, and Felix Will provide the atmospheric base for Inga Nelke’s vocals floating above it all that makes Gong Wah so unique. The tracks on “A Second” are nine fuzzwave pearls for the dance into the end of the world.

1. Heartache Jean 
2. The Well 
3. Consolation 
4.  Baby, Won’t You Come Along? 
5. Paint My Soul 
6. One Fine Day 
7. The Violet Room Track 
8. This Life 
9. A Head Is Not A Home 

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