Gong Wah

Fuzzwavers GONG WAH Share New Video Single ‘Heartache Jean’

With the new album “A Second,” Gong Wah just launched the second stage of their Fuzzwave rocket, refining the fuel with a shot of bitter pop and a dose of sweet darkness and so follow up their persuasive 2020 debut seamlessly. Nima Davari and Giso Simon on drums and bass push the […]

Get Indeed Lost With GONG WAH’s New Groovy Single and Video ‘Let’s Get Lost’.

At the beginning of 2018 singer Inga Nelke alongside two guitarists, Thorsten Dohle & Felix Will meet at a dark cave in Cologne Germany. Impressed by the caves reverb, accompanied by a drum machine, they rather accidentally create a sound that sits somewhere between shoegaze, psychedelic, and krautrock, while breathing the DIY spirit of a punk […]

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