Boy Harsher began as an urgent need to produce and consume. In the winter of 2014, when Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller started to experiment with sound, video, and text. Born out of this tumultuous relationship in swampy Georgia, their first EP ”Lesser Man” determined their morose, pop sound. In their second album, the full length “Yr Body is Nothing”, Matthews and Muller took that dark and ran with it. Both releases reflect the fervor present in their adolescent lust and anger.

Yet, before Matthews and Muller recorded any song, their chaos made the project vulnerable and invariably lead to momentary destruction . In what was at the time believed to be their last performance, Matthews had “careful” tattooed across her back, while Muller fried the speakers.

At that time ”Careful’‘ was meant as a warning: the cautionary understanding of love. The duo felt as though they were disappearing within one another. But, if Boy Harsher’s first two releases narrated the pain and desperation that follows after something goes awry, then this LP, “Careful” describes what loves gives you: fear and joy, tenderness and pain, attempting to detail the enveloping trauma of loss combined with the fantasy of escape (a reckless abandon).

Boy Harsher use the medium of minimal electronics to create a compelling narrative of a deteriorating family and the reaction to run away from it. The new album splits its time between songs that study the trauma imbedded within loss and the compulsion to flee marking Boy Harsher’s most dynamic album to date. “Careful” is a timeless and original minimal synth record highlighted by a strong narrative and marks the definitive return of the enigmatic duo.

Matthews and Muller attribute the evolution of their sound to the extensive touring they completed in the last few years. “Traveling and connecting with people has been so fundamental” Muller says “we’re really able to experiment with our material and it feels like the live set as grown into an entity of its own”. Boy Harsher embarked on two US and two EU tours this past year, where audiences recognize their set as faster, harder version of their recorded material.

Events: Bucuresti | Cluj