After three EPs defining the contours of their aesthetic at the crossroads of influences between dream pop, slowcore, and post-rock, Pam Risourié will release their first full-length album “Days of Distortion”.

Taking the form of an underground dive, like a dream breaking apart and echoing along walls of guitars, days of distortion deepens the universe of Pam Risourié; it invites us to explore a mental landscape, through the prism of an introspective trip where feelings of absence, derealization, and impersonality are put into perspective, in a sensitive and clair- obscur night.

The album opens with ‘You Are the Sound,’ a tunnel-shaped track that combines the sonic influences of the band with a classical orchestration, and, as a watermark, a pop and minimalist melody. These melodies are based on naturally ethereal vocals, far from the typical shackles of shoegaze and its drowned treatment, leading the following of days of distortion to resolutely dream-pop atmospheres: ‘High On A Wire’ and ‘Spectre’ explore the diversity of its themes, plunging into this ocean of distortion which is, before all, mental and inner. The dancing post-punk, at the crossroads of influences between Sonic Youth and Fontaines D.C., of ‘A Star Among The Candlesthus’ concludes the A-side of the record.

The B-side intensifies this underwater voyage. ‘Solemnly,’ with its ‘hit of depression’ accents, is a nod to the old rhythmic boxes of the ’90s, watermarked in the instrumentation of Beach House. The title breaks down, melts, and fades in the first ‘Weltschmerz’ chords: an epic take-off towards a more astral, instrumental universe, with more spaces and silences. Like a departure from the city, of this urban character, lively and agitated from the A-side, towards uninhabited spaces, ‘Scuba’ delves deeper into this space dive, with its shooting stars and sounds.

The album ends with ‘Disappear For Me,’ a unique and snaky track, evoking in turn, at times, the great hours of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Slowdive, or MGMT, to disappear in a sonic storm, like a kaleidoscope condensing all the visions conveyed during the 45 minutes of “Days Of Distortion”.

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