Echoplain is a logical continuation. Emmanuel Bœuf (EmboeA ShapeSons of FridaDernière Transmission), Clément Matheron (Sons of Frida) and Stéphane Vion (Velocross, La Diagonale du Fou) have known each other for a long time. Logical by their musical affinities and their common desire to create sound. Born in 2018, their mix of post-punk and abrasive noise, somewhere between muffled vocals, spoken words, and shoutings, brings them after a few shows to record a first self-titled EP (2019).

01. All Eyes On Me 
02. Hole Dare Neck 
03. On Her Side
04. Here I Stand 
05. Beyoncé
06. Watcha
07. On My Own 
08. Fade Out
09. 13th
10. Yead Sneaky

The debut album ‘Polaroid Malibu’ was recorded by Julien Bous (Postghost Recording) and mixed and mastered by Julien Camarena (Unison), illustrated by the paintings and drawings by Sasha Andrès (Heliogabale, A Shape) and the artwork of Benjamin Vergès (La Diagonale du Fou, Torquem).

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