One of the most innovative Black Metal projects DARKESTRAH has just released a noteworthy new album. “Chong-Aryk” was released initially on December 2 as an EP and is set to be released as a full-length later this year, via Shaytan Productions.

So, after four years of absence, DARKESTRAH returns with a complex material that transcends the spheres of Black Metal by positioning the listener in a phantasmagoric scenario, with unreal scenes interfering with current turmoil. The material has modern compositions but a well-established foundation in the classic Nordic Black Metal, adding nothing but value to the final result. 

Having a profound overall atmosphere, yet exotic at times due to the traditional instruments, “Chong-Aryk” proposes a black metal that disturbs your senses just like a fiercely storm on the heights of your being. The album’s severity makes you think of an unimaginable inner tear or lament, while the voice completes the overwhelming yet mysterious and poetic experience. It makes you think about the mythical creatures you have once heard from your elders’ stories.

“Chong-Aryk” transcends us into a forceful journey; and while the road may seem steep, like a frozen mountain river, it still shares a smooth flow to the inner depths of an addict of this musical genre.

Pre-order is open HERE.

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