H.C. BEHRENDTSEN creates sounds between experimental music and math rock. Eruptive spontaneity, intricate grooves, and mashupy textures between the uplifting and the bizarre are consequences of both: infatuation for contemporary composing as well as for the heroes of their adolescence.

‘Ibiza/Heinz’ yokes jazzy virtuous gestures with the appealing nervousness of math rock: an experimental yet puristic pop sound.

Continually, the puristic sound weaving of the three sound-aesthetes on guitarbassdrums is opposed by visual exuberance: whether interactive video installations on a trashy stack of tube TVs or technophile compositional techniques with cynical touch. This way the audiences’ attentiveness strays like light beams in a mirror cabinet – restlessly searching for focal points. 

By playing free improv at eligible spaces of Leipzig, H. C. BEHRENDTSEN navigated towards the opposite: elaborate instrumental pieces – puzzled out over months up until every detail sits tight and comes easy. Virtuoso but smooth, “like fine porcelain with coffee stain or tarnished silver cutlery” – this way or another sounds the first single ‘Ibiza/Heinz’ and promises “an adventuresome roundhouse-kick which almost appears incomprehensible at only one glance.” One may guesstimate about traces of Hella and Don Cab and cheerfully anticipate their debut record which will be released in autumn 2022.

Framed by the music video-festival Bandstand of the European Centre of the Arts – HELLERAU, the trio digs deeply into their sleeves of tricks. This endeavor results in a pocket-sized blockbuster – virtually a crime thriller at marshmallow-landia. Allusions to Ibiza-gate involving H.C. Strache and its whole pandora of embarrassing scandals within Austria’s right-wing conservative establishment are perpetually spilling forth. Amongst the “Red Bull Brother from Austria”, Kanzler Kurz’s spirit animals, nocturnal data cleansing, and peculiarly unsettling chat protocols, H.C. BEHRENDTSEN’s digital low-poly-duplicates are floundering and gazing across the scenes, having to concern: WTF!?!

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