I’m always looking forward to seeing music video releases, since they can introduce us into the artists creative world, unveil a new aesthetic or offer a short story. But not often do we have the chance to be in a perfect phase, feeling from the very first moment that it’s going to be a hell of an experience.

It’s more than sure now that dream pop/indie music is so diverse. Even if you are a longtime indie listener, you will always run into artists who you unheard of.

Sofia Zadar recently told us that she writes “from a critical perspective, one that mixes ecofeminism, queer theory, and anticapitalism. And a lot of the time I apply this lens through the metaphors and lyrics of my songs.”

The Romanian artist has one of the most distinctive voices in the local scene. Her newest release ‘Coming of Agency’ feels perfect when listened to as a whole and her voice is majestically beautiful.

It might be just me, but I hear some sweetness, some colorful palettes of sound that makes me wanna close my eyes and just hit the floor. A gaze absently at your shoes is welcomed too.

‘Coming of Agency’ is actually the first single from a 5-song EP that will be coming later this summer. I’m very proud of this album, every song is incredibly special to me and there’s been so much loving work put into it. It was all produced with Andrei Bobiș at Cirkular, which was incredible (I still cry happy tears sometimes when I think back to those weeks – we clicked so well, had so much fun and it was one of my favorite creative collaborations of all time).

Written by Sofia, the lyrics and the overall message can be emotive, but not sentimental. You will feel the right amount of beauty and watching the music video’s ending with my brain set on dream-mode, I came to the conclusion that the video is obviously more than you could ever hope for. There is really nothing incredibly complicated about it, but it kind of lullabies me into submission.

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