The Northern Netherlands metallic hardcore squad Swim or Drown has released their EP, “Torment”, on 01 July 2022 via WTF Records.

Vocalist Jan de Groot states: “‘Torment’ is our fourth EP, and we are proud of it. Full of rage, the EP expels our frustrations. The title track is the most important song of the release as it talks about my battle with the demons that still haunt me today. And, of course, we have a song to show our dislike for the religion.”

Premiered via No Echo, the EP is currently available on all digital/streaming platforms AT THIS LOCATION.

Emerged in 2008, Heerenveen-based Swim or Drown conjures pure metallic hardcore adrenaline. The Dutch quintet has brought absolute hell for 14 years with the same lineup, which they would like to continue the same way. “We are so fucking proud of this, and we hope that we can add another 14 years,” states the vocalist Jan.

The fourth EP, “Torment”, indicates that Swim or Drown is still angry after all these years and ready to exchange blows if needed. Throughout the EP, they have mostly vented their frustration and anger, but also expressed their hatred towards religion (‘Blind Leading the Blind‘) and talked about the frontman’s battle with the recurring inner demon (the title track). The songs on the EP are short and simplistic but full of abrasive, high-energy components and propulsive momentum. 

Swim or Drown, however, is not taking a breather after this EP as their first LP is on the way. 

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Band photo: (c) Carin Vrind

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