Tartarus Records is proud to announce the release of US post-industrial practitioners Dark Worship debut album, “Flesh of A Saint” on February 25th on limited tape cassette and vinyl.

Emerging from the bleak and unsettling landscape of the post-industrial American Midwest in 2020, Dark Worship is a collective orchestrated by J. Meyers (Axioma, Aureae Crucis) with the vocal assistance of Aaron Dallison (Axioma, Keelhaul, Brain Tentacles, Perdition Sect), Nathan Opposition (Ancient VVisdom, Integrity), and J. Reed (Exorcisme, To Dust) as an instrument to conjure the essence of sonic darkness. 

A visualizer video for the title track is now playing at Everything Is Noise, who commented “The band’s newest song release, “Flesh of A Saint” – the focus of today’s premiere – is reminiscent of an isolating and horror-induced coma which takes the listener on a bleak and unsettling journey into the very essence of a dark, mystifying industrial realm.”

Pre-orders for “Flesh of a Saint” are now available at this location.