BASTARÐUR (featuring SÓLSTAFIR singer/guitarist Aðalbjörn Tryggvason) is releasing the official music video of ‘Viral Tumor’. The song is taken from their debut album “Satan’s Loss of Son” which was released on October 29, 2021. The track features guest guitar leads by Ragnar Zolberg and Thráinn Árni Baldvinsson as well as a bass solo from Flosi Þorgeirsson.

Aðalbjörn comments: “Viral Tumor was the first song written for this album, features all the things I wanted to achieve by doing this album, so making a performance video felt perfect, having a whole band playing a song written a time long ago alone in a garage.” 

For the “Satan’s Loss Of Son” album, Tryggvason tapped several other co-conspirators to contribute towards his vision. Guest vocals are attributed to Marc Grewe (MORGOTH/INSIDIOUS DISEASE) and Alan Averill (PRIMORDIAL), the latter of whom also penned the lyrics on two of the album’s tracks. Some of the blistering guitar solos were handled by Ragnar Zolberg, whom SÓLSTAFIR fans may know as he has filled in on bass for the band during occasional live shows, and Thrainn from SKÁLMÖLD.

The album can be ordered HERE.

The cover artwork was created by Fannar Aumingi.

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Photo: (c) Runar Hrodi Geirmundsson