Sludgy crust/grind abomination The Human Race is Filth (THRIF) was conjured by longtime friends and bandmates Kasey and Paul, who have been playing and releasing tons of music together with their other bands: Bittered, Police State, Mans Plague, and Split/Cross.

Band’s debut EP, “Human Exposed”, which came in December 2017, already marked the duo’s seventh release together in a span of two years. Producing another EP, “Liberate”, in 2018, they played a slew of shows over the east coast of the USA and Canada. 

THRIF profoundly offers lethal overdoses of traumatizing discordant riffs, rage-fueled harsh vocals, and disintegrating rapid drumming. Whether the tempo chooses the slow-moving, thick sludgy path or fast grinding route, the destructive atmosphere of their music keeps regurgitating.

The EP “Echo Chambers” is the first release of THRIF as a trio (the drummer Brett Rebman joined the rank as the third member). Throughout the songs, the three-piece tackles political, social, religious, economic, and even personal subjects.

THRIF opens the “Echo Chambers” with ‘Nations Pipe Bomb,’ reflecting the dark truth of the foundation of America. As the EP moves forwards, they oppose the corporations’ dirty scheme of monetizing capital gain over political and social causes. And later, they bring up the Americans’ inability to understand the importance of separation of church and state. The band concludes the EP with ‘Shit States USA,’ lambasting the US political system in general.

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