The new album from Maybeshewill titled “No Feeling Is Final” will be out on November 19th. It will be released in the UK and Europe through the band’s own The Robot Needs Home Collective label, and worldwide through Wax Bodega, New Noise China, and The Bird’s Robe Collective.

Today, Maybeshewill revealed a new single titled ‘Green Unpleasant Land’:

The band’s comments: “‘Green Unpleasant Land’ was inspired by the 2020 book of the same name by Professor Corinne Fowler, which questions many commonly-held beliefs regarding England’s “idyllic” countryside. Fowler’s writing sheds light on the damaging legacy of the country’s colonial past and challenges the (often unspoken) notion that green spaces in the West have and should be the preserve of white people. The track seeks to draw attention to this insidious strain of racism that is deep-rooted within our society. 

‘Green Unpleasant Land’ is something of a stylistic departure for the band, making musical reference to folk and traditional music from the British Isles. Its foreboding air of unease and unsettling finale is heavily indebted to the cinematic genre of ‘folk-horror’, as typified by films like Blood on Satan’s Claw, The Wicker Man, and Midsommar, all of which convey a morbid fascination with the darkness of the rural landscape.

“No Feeling Is Final” was born from a place of weary exasperation. From the knowledge that we’re living in a world hurtling towards self-destruction. We watch as forests burn and seas rise. As the worst tendencies of humanity are championed by those in power; rage, fear, greed, and apathy. We see every injustice, every conflict, every catastrophe flash up on our screens. We stay complacent and consume to forget our complicity in the structures and systems that sustain that behavior. As the world teeters on the edge of disaster, we sigh and keep scrolling, the uneasy feeling in our stomachs eating away at us a little more each day.

However easy it would be to switch off and pretend all is lost, there’s no choice but to remain engaged. To set that feeling of hopelessness aside and use the fear and frustration as fuel to make something positive. “No Feeling Is Final” is a message of hope and solidarity.

You can pre-order the album, here.

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