Hans Hjelm studied jazz guitar at the University of North Texas in the nineties and has spent the last ten years performing and releasing music with psych-rock bands Kungens Män and Automatism, who recently released an album on Tonzonen Records.

The music could be described as Depeche Mode meets Michael Rother. Guitars and synthesizers trade-off in playing the most prominent role throughout the album. Hans plays all instruments except drums, which are handled by Jesper Skarin (Gösta Berlings SagaVak).

Today Hans Hjelm shares a guitar cover of Depeche Mode‘s song ‘Nothing To Fear’, off their 1982 album ‘A Broken Frame’. It is featured on the debut solo album, ‘Factory Reset’, to be released May 28, 2021, on the Kungens Ljud & Bild label.

‘Factory Reset’comes with an instruction manual:

  • Use stereo headphones
  • Take a deep breath and start to relax
  • Close your eyes and drop all concerns
  • Notice a slightly different frequency reaching each ear Become aware of your breathing
  • Start counting your breaths
  • Allow sounds to pass through your mind unnoticed Immerse yourself in the breathing process
  • Let the sounds synchronize your thought patterns Repeat the process until a reset occurs

The manual reflects how music can act as a means of resetting an agitated or stressed mind to a state of rest and balance.

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