At the darkest point of his life, multi-instrumentalist Keelan Butterick picked up the acoustic guitar that would eventually lead him back to the light. Spending New Years Eve alone and depressed, he stared down the barrel of an uncertain future, and out of him poured music. Sincere and emotionally-charged – though a world apart from Keelan’s progressive metal band Stare At The Clouds – this potent infusion of roots, folk and alternative rock would go on to become Silent Eyes.

Realizing very quickly that this was much more than just a bedroom project, Keelan called in two veterans of Sydney’s progressive rock scene to help him cut the tracks. Enlisting drummer Alex O’Toole (Meniscus, n00000000, No Mandate) and producer Alex Wilson (sleepmakeswaves, Steve) a solo endeavor inherited the power and dexterity of collaboration, and with it, Keelan took his songs to the next level.

The resulting EP is a rewarding listen. Genuine self-expression is at the heart of Silent Eyes, and its power is unmistakable. An obvious source of catharsis for Keelan, each song is a deliberate venture into new musical territory, driven by pure uncensored emotion. It is music from the heart and soul, shaped by intellect and sophisticated musicianship. Each song is a tightly-wrapped mystery that unravels right in front of you.

The song that started it all, The City, bears the tell-tale signs of where Keelan was at when he wrote it, encapsulating a pivotal moment in his story. It was just released as the first single and video, watch it below!

Keelan comments: “The City was a song that was born on new years eve, 2015. I was living in Sydney, battling with depression, not sure what direction I was heading in or how I could move forward. I felt paralysed, unable to visualise anything for myself and unable to change the way I felt. I was alone on new years eve watching the fireworks through my housemates window, thinking about the year ahead. I sat down in my kitchen with my guitar and started playing the introductory plucking progression,  and the lyrics all seemed to pour out of me.  And its a song that speaks of the longing to be able to be reborn , with a clean slate, free from the past and any painful memories.

Opening with the majestic Homeward Bound, the EP is rich in texture and variety. There are recurring themes in the lyrics and melody, but there are many twists, turns and surprises. The beautiful lament of These Days slowly and surely marches forward like a sombre funeral dirge, yet is followed with the warmth and curiosity of attraction in the shimmering Ocean Blues

Silent Eyes is itself a large part of Keelan’s autobiography. What started as something deeply personal has grown and taken shape in ways unexpected at the start. Now that the music exists, it is time to take it to the stage. Once a full band lineup is finalized, the next chapter in Silent Eyes will be taking the power of their music to the live arena. Preorder the EP right here:

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