This is NURV_4, the 4th compilation of top 10 Newest Unconventional Romanian Videos and our first video-compilation so far. In choosing the videos we considered factors like originality, innovation, quality, the slightly unorthodox chosen ideas and, of course, their recent character (none of the videos is older than 2 weeks). Not all of them were created […]

Interview Stelios Romaliadis (Lüüp, Vault of Blossomed Ropes)

Baldo, Cultartes: Lüüp seems to be a multinational scale project, downright. For the “Meadow Rituals” there was working a very large team from all over the Europe. What does this project Lüüp means, as the basic concept? Stelios: Lüüp is a musical project that has participants from various places of Europe. Every participant has enough […]

This is Why You Should Recommend Artists for Cultartes

It’s OK not to trust our webzine. We don’t trust you either. But when we say that we WILL promote your art on our website, no strings attached whatsoever, we actually mean that! Since we launched the website we got only few recommandations, and that’s partly because of the crappy Facebook page algorithm which doesn’t […]

Luna aceasta va avea loc cea de-a doua ediție .aparat

.aparat_01 și-a făcut apariția anul acesta, pe la mijlocul lunii Mai, sub forma unui proiect multimedia cel puțin îndrăzneț. Un eveniment desfășurat în interiorul Cub-ului de lângă Teatrul Național din Iași, unde un scurt-metraj despre muzica psihedelică în România comunistă, o sesiune de recitat poezii onirice și un experiment audio-video contemporan au făcut supă bună împreună. […]

Ramblings on Contemporary Art (II)

Part Two: of Transubstantiation The object as object and the object as a metaphor, as a representation, as a pretext, such as a sublimation. Once it was simple: to be a vase, you painted or sculpt it as a jar. Simple, linear, almost embarrassing in its representative coerence. To represent a fountain, you paint a […]