Day: February 3, 2018

Freya in The Garden of Soul (Ep 13)- Photo & Text by Irina Gache

[:en] Freya in the Garden of Soul is an episode-based surrealist novel that I decided to publish online as I go along with the writing process. It focuses on the journey of a character named Freya in the realms of the unconscious where she meets and interacts with different phantasmagorical characters that challenge […]

Watch: The Music Video ‘Pieces’, by Saluna

[:en] Pieces, the third track on Saluna’s newly released project, has been recently blessed with video. Filmed entirely on the Bucharest’s underground nightlife background, the music video was directed by Raya Al Souliman and it’s starring Alexandru Dorobantu and Anda Raepmi. You can watch the video below: Andrei Țîrcă / […]

Raw, Jaw-Clenching Conceptual Photography of Ștefan Șerbănescu

[:en] Conceptual artist Ștefan Șerbănescu pressed pause on paintbrush and charcoal, replacing graphics with graphic photography. His new, ongoing series of brilliant still life imagery mixes nudity with vegetal and animal elements, turning the restroom in an unexpected scene for a wave of stomach-twisting portraits and self-portraits. Nothing prepares the […]