Bebi Monsuta are two rockstars from New York City. Together, the sisters marry their Caribbean, Japanese, and Portuguese-Brazilian roots into their self-written music and bold visuals. We talked to Manami and Akira about their newest single, “808”, love, goals, and many more in a short, but challenging, interview.

CVLT: How would you describe love in today’s society? Has the notion of love lost its essence in time?

Bebi: Love in today’s society is definitely different now in both good and bad ways. We would say love is so opportunistic nowadays that you know when you have stumbled upon a true gem, you know it, whether platonically or romantically. So many only want purely material things out of love, they forget a struggle love isn’t struggling and being poor with someone you really love. But a person that could be buying you diamonds but is never by your side at night. The two get twisted. And we feel love has only lost its essence because self-love and reflecting on oneself has. Not enough people love themselves so how could they love you? But we are optimistic these things will change. 

Is there still something beautiful in interpersonal relationships?

Manami: Very much so! We are two sisters who are creating special bonds with each other every chance we get. Creating bonds with our family and trying to challenge ourselves to be better for each other. There will always be something beautiful when people are trying to work to have a beautiful interpersonal relationship. 

We want in the end our music to provoke a movement. Bring in the era of honesty, happiness, self work, self love and unapologetically expressing your truth. 

What does ‘808’ mean? Does it have a special meaning?

Akira: It does actually but I didn’t know the special meaning behind those numbers till after the song was written. But after we wrote it, we kept seeing 808 on license plates, clocks or random signs, etc, and it is a great number for attracting abundance. As far as 808 goes originally it’s the 808s in a beat, that told us all very young how to dance on the beat and I’m teaching them all how to dance on those 808s. I could get deeper but… (laugh) Another time. 

Blood sisters Bebi Monsuta debut a contagious and bouncy new single “808” accompanied by a captivating, body-bold, and self-choreographed video. Feast your eyes on the official visual bolstered by a kawaii-hop beat and gear your booties for your 1st…. or millionth…. dance break!

Together, they manage to fuse a level of energy and confidence only bred in New York City, with their Afro-American and Caribbean roots and Japanese and Portuguese-Brazilian heritage woven through the sonic spirit of the music.

Why Bebi Monsuta (baby monster)? We know that Asiatic culture has so many hidden meanings, is that the case for your name too?

Yes, you can say both. The meaning came behind our two very different personality types. One is us being seen as extremely cute, girly, happy, and bubbly. And the other is our work ethics, we don’t mind getting down and dirty, bringing our energy into beast mode to perform.

Inspired by a melange of genres, and roused from the music of Gwen Stefani, Vanity 6, Brazilian Funk, and alternative R&B, Bebi Monsuta is a force of sounds from the fringe to be reckoned with — and in their own words, “unapologetically us.”

Your music is very catchy, bouncy as hell, and very juicy. Do you think your approach helps in spreading your message within the music? Or do they belong as a whole?

Yes! We are spreading our message in a fun, non-boring way. Most people want to have a good time, and our music will have that but true fans of our lyricism will know our music will always have a message to push change, whether subliminally/subconsciously, or consciously. We want in the end our music to provoke a movement. Bring in the era of honesty, happiness, self-work, self-love, and unapologetically expressing your truth. 

With your new release ‘808’, should we expect some new material?

Mmmmmm. Yes more to come, so much more. We are definitely just getting started. 

If you’re nearby New York, you can dance along at Elsewhere’s Zone 1 stage in Brooklyn on August 13th (tickets here) as Bebi Monsuta will be supporting La Doña

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