“Meet KELEMEN” is a perfect introduction into the unknown, mysterious world of Lehel Kelemen. It always occurred to me that he has that gloomy, yet realistic style of shooting and I guess I wanted to find out more about him and his agency.

© Celia Krug photographed by KELEMEN

These are the greatest 44 seconds of behind the scenes that talk about the wild life as a photographer. While some can consider this is all about the fun and life spent as a rockstar, you can still see the hard work. Nothing, however, can beat the true passion. Kelemen is currently living in London, still in the need for love and for discovering and experiencing more.

This video is like a white-hot idea that comes flaming through your head and you would dance the furniture to kindling-wood in this insane joy, until you fall and realize this is nothing compared to his work. Then you get enthusiast all over again and start googling and praying for more of this to happen.

© Manuel Cojocaru shot by KELEMEN | MUA – Laura Bonciu
© Madalina Mihai shot by KELEMEN | Clothing – Alexandra Calafeteanu | MUA – Irina Pavlovna
© Evelyn Sarah shot by KELEMEN | MUA – Irina Pavlovna

There are not enough words in the unabridged to describe the joy and excitement I felt when I first saw this and Boys Noize’s music completes the whole scenery for an even better warm up.

All Photo Credits: KELEMEN

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This article was originally published in Cultartes Magazine #4 – “Dreams and Nightmares”. Get your copy in print here.

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