‘Torn Up’ is an uptempo Northern Soul floorfiller, featuring the magnificent voice of Jesper Munk, loaded with lush orchestral sounds, driving beat, and catchy hooks. The badass video has legendary DJ and dancer KEB DARGE as the main character of a mockumentary about himself performing as a haughty show-off. 

‘Torn Up’ is the second single off the forthcoming album “Shifting”, the Frank Popp Ensemble‘s first album after 17-year hiatus. Get ready, dancefloors!

March 2020. The beginning of a weird time. Probably the weirdest in Frank Popp’s life. Weird people get even weirder, dark days get even darker, and everyday things disappear from everyday life. On sunnier evenings under the open sky of the Urban Spee Garden, two weirdos get to know each other.

One is Frank Popp, who hasn’t released any music with his ensemble for many years, the other is Jesper Munk, who also turned his back on the big record bosses a few years ago, but continued to create fantastic music with PDOA, Plattenbau or under his own name.

Flashed by Munk’s voice and talent, utterly thrilled to have finally found the holy grail of soul vocals right next door, Popp got the charming young artist to take part as a guest vocalist on his new album, which was entirely written and recorded in Spain in January / February 2022.  

With the active support of Jascha Kreft (Odd Couple), Mister Popp provides the sound for wanderlust, road trips, and Riviera discos, creating a neo-soul heavyweight that is difficult to get rid of. We look forward to more to come.

The brand new album “Shifting” will be released in January 2023 via Unique Records.

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