Darya Slonova is a fashion photographer based in Sankt Petersburg, Russia. Looking more carefully at this idea with the importance of clothes, you realize that clothes are not just simple accessories that you throw at yourself just so you don’t walk around naked. Fine, art through its presence and behavior helps any thought to improving itself, no matter what fields it has to fly. And Darya’s photographic abilities transpose you into all sorts of states with their worlds and everything, in the smallest details, in the most beautiful times. Old stories and fairytales now have visual support that seems much closer to the truth. I am referring here at the lights, at the shadows behind the colors, at the angelic lines of the model’s face…

Finally, the series chosen here may go a little further in other areas, somewhat more concrete, more contemporary. But let’s see what it’s all about!

Model: Julia Yolgina

Style: Tatyana Kireeva

Muah: Anastasia Valkovskaya

Location: Illuminate Studio

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