‘Perfect Prison’ is the second single from the debut album “Impossible Space” from Ropes Of Night, out early September on Golden Antenna Records.

“Impossible Space” has to offer uptempo, sad-bastard music between darkwave and post-punk, with haunting melodies and great harmonies.

After the almost danceable uptempo first single ‘Another Closing Door’ this song shows another side of the band: a minimalistic, heartbroken semi-ballad of sorts, not afraid to embrace a pop sentiment and blissful gloom at the same time.

“Impossible Space” is the debut full-length by Cologne-based post-punk band Ropes Of Night. After the band parted ways with their former singer bass player Thomas Schindler took over vocal duties. The band crafted nine songs in a matter of a few months and recorded them amidst the first wave of the 21st century’s great plague. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andy Rosczyk at his Goblin Sound Studio (Cologne).

The band’s sound revolves around early eighties European and American post-punk while adding a contemporary flavor to it. This is not a new band trying to sound old— they sound like a band that has been around forever and now decided to craft the first record. 

Fellow musician and friend of the band Ryan Patterson said the following about “Impossible Space”

It has that great, comforting sound of something that immediately feels like it’s familiar and welcoming, while also being new and exciting.

“Impossible Space” is about the heart, about how much sadness a soul can endure and how incredibly brave the human spirit can be. This is uptempo sad bastard music that isn’t afraid to be accessible, almost pop, but in its essence never forgets that at the very core post-punk was, is, and always will be punk rock.

“Impossible Space” will be available September 3, 2021, from Golden Antenna Records on LP, CD & Digital, pre-order it here.

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Photo: (c) Daina Forys