In 2022, Norway’s HAMMOK released their first EP “Jumping/Dancing/Fighting” and received very good reviews in publications such as Distorted Mag. and Pitchfork. “With a menacing sound and bleak but playful lyrics, the Norwegian noise-rock trio stands out from the pack on its debut EP.” 

Stated Pitchfork, while Distorted Sound commended the EP saying “Aiming for a wonderful bullseye right at the point where hardcore and noise rock start to overlap, the debut EP from this young Norwegian trio hits the mark with striking accuracy considering it’s their first substantial release.”

Now, the Oslo-based trio is back with a new EP titled “Now I Know,” which is set to be released on June 9th via Renoir Records. This new effort marks a new chapter for the band and takes listeners on a vast and powerful journey, beginning on a bright tone with the band exploring their more introspective and emotionally intense side and gradually drifting towards a more heavier and ferocious approach, reaching levels of fury and intensity never explored before. Check out a new song titled ‘This Will Not Last, Pt 2’

Following the release of the EP, HAMMOK will kick off a number of performances at festivals like Best Kept Secret, Valkhhof, Malakoff, Vervenfestivalen, and ArcTangent among others.

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