Rock la Mures, one of the longest-running open air festivals in Romania, returns this year for a new edition. The organizers have already announced the dates, 7-8 July, and the first bands have confirmed. This summer, they celebrate their 11th edition by hosting one of the craziest and maddest parties in Romania, making for two full days of festivities with two stages running.

The festival takes place in Periam Port, a place that immerses you in nature, all the while reflecting the need for music, freedom, and the nature of our being, where the rays of sunshine out of the tent and cause you to find coolness on a canoe trip on Mures, relaxing in the hammock and dancing. This vibe was gathered under the name Rock la Mures, the first Open Air Festival in Timis County, and even though the years have passed, the atmosphere from Rock la Mures still floats in the air.

The American metalcore band ATTILA, the US six-piece nu-metal band DROPOUT KINGS, female punk rockstar SUZI MOON, Californian hardcore punk band TOTAL CHAOS, hard’n’heavy Austrian band SILENZER, Turkish twin sister duo HIPERSONA, and Romanian band IMUND, have already been confirmed at Rock la Mures this summer.

Although Attila was initially formed in 2005, the band did not start touring full-time until around 2010. Their most successful album, “About That Life,” debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at number 22. They have released eight full-length albums and are expected to rock the Romanian stage.

Due to their strong message against racism and socio-political subjects, the American hardcore punk band Total Chaos faced racist and nationalist organizations at the shows and the album ban in Japan. In 2003, their concert in Montreal was canceled, and Total Chaos‘s entrance was denied due to the criminal records of some members. After the show’s cancellation, fans decided to cause disorder and riots, with some shops and cars being damaged.

Dropout Kings is a generational evolution of rap-infused rock bands such as Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, fusing heavy metal sounds with progressive trap and hip-hop music rhythms.

One of the festival’s highlights is its fantastic camping options, allowing you to soak in nature, making it unique. The campsite is situated in the middle of the forest and by the river, making for beautiful sunsets while the festival takes over Periam Port‘s grounds. Apart from the music, expect to be blown away by canoe trips, biking trails on the banks of the Mures river, volleyball and mini-football courts, and merchandise areas.

Other headliners and bands will be announced soon!

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