After the exotic-electronic album “Tropical Gothic” the journey through sunny climes is far from over. TDTD continues cruising through the tropics and the Caribbean, bouncing sunny vibes into an electronic industrial-pop setting. Join the aftershow party at the end of the world: beach bar, cocktails, and freedom – yet with a hint of darkness wafting over the beach.

Now, this new EP includes b-sides from the second album “Tropical Gothic” and it’s called “In The Sun” because it mostly contains synthpop songs mixed with industrial.

Andrey from TDTD comments on each song in his own words:

1. DOWN THE PALM ROAD TO HELL [B-SIDE]“Song with pretty much “ride or die” thing. Turn your mistakes into the best time of your life, and enjoy the ride without regret. It also has a lot of Californian vibes.”

2. IN THE SUN [B-SIDE]“It is the other view for the “ride or die”. This time we are not on the road, we are in the bar on the dance floor. After party at the end of the world.”

“You already know this song. it makes the concept of EP even more clear.”

4. ANYWHERE BUT HOME [B-SIDE]“I really like how one song is kinda continuation of the other. This one is connected to “Wanderlust” but it’s trying to explain why I wanna run away so bad.”

One man, one vision: Six years after the debut “Murder On The Dancefloor“ had set the discos on fire, Too Dead To Die returned with the current album “Tropical Gothic“, beats for sweaty dances all night long and melodies adding some Caribbean flair to the classic Too Dead To Die sound. Between EDM and industrial, “Tropical Gothic“ sounds like the longing for distant places and tropical islands.

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