Sydney post-rock six-piece We Lost The Sea has announced yet another repressing of their iconic breakthrough album “Departure Songs”.

Last year on 25 June, five years to the day since its original release and 10 million plays later, the band put out a special 2LP edition of the record, featuring new artwork that highlights the extensive touring that the record launched them on around the world, sharing the experience and stories of the record with people who connected with their music.

This re-release was accompanied by vinyl pressings of their entire back catalog: “Triumph & Disaster” (2019), “The Quietest Place on Earth” (2012) & “Crimea” (2010).

The 5th anniversary vinyl pressings along with most of the other records sold out almost immediately – many months ahead of the band’s planned Australian, UK & Europe tours.

Now thanks to the incredible support of their fans and in partnership with Bird’s Robe Records & Dunk Records, the band will release another vinyl edition of the 5th anniversary “Departure Songs” record, as well as a standard release edition.

There won’t be another pressing of this specific version so if you miss out you’ll have to wait until the 10 year anniversary!

News of the “Departure Songs” repressing has already launched the album back into the Australian 100% Independent Charts, hitting #6 purely from sales of digital copies alone. This follows 2019’s “Triumph & Disaster” debut at #41 on the ARIA Chart (#1 on the 100% Independent Chart).

We Lost The Sea have recently announced they will postpone their planned 2021 tour of the UK & Europe until 2022. The band was originally announced to play London’s Portals Festival, Belgium’s Dunk Festival and a series of headline club shows alongside fellow Sydney act Solkyri during May & June 2020, then rescheduled for 2021. The further rescheduled dates will be announced once confirmed.

We Lost The Sea released the following statement on social media regarding the original anniversary release & tour postponement:

Just over 5 years ago, about three weeks after finishing the recording of ‘Departure Songs’, we played a show at The Captain Cook Hotel in Sydney. When we took the stage there were about 5 people in the room, and part of us expected that this was going to be somewhat of the new normal for We Lost The Sea.

Fast forward five years and hundreds of kilometres on the road and in the air, on trains, two massive China tours, a huge EU tour, some amazing Australian headline runs, shows with Russian Circles, Baroness, Mono, Boris, Meniscus, Rosetta, our music being used in a Ricky Gervais Netflix show, surviving robberies in Poland, blown tyres in Germany, almost missed flights in Guangzhou, playing Dunk!, radio interviews, phone interviews, shirts off in 38 degree Budapest and so many thousands of Pringles. It has been an incredible journey and we feel very lucky to do all these really amazing things.

However, the single best thing about the last five years has been you – our fans.

We have talked with, high fived, cried with, hugged so many of you all over the world and the most amazing thing is how Departure Songs means so much to so many of you. You are the reason for all of this and we never take that lightly, we feel like these songs belong to everyone who has loved, everyone who has lost, and everyone who has needed a little help along the way. These are your songs and they will outlast this band of 6 dudes from Western Sydney just trying to write some songs for their mate.

We had some plans to tour Europe and Australia this year but, like everyone else, a lot of our plans have changed or are on hold. We also have a member of WLTS who is on immunosuppressant medication and has been advised not to travel during this time. We can’t risk their health or anyone else’s so we will keep you posted on new plans once confirmed.

However, we didn’t want to let this significant moment pass without acknowledging it so we did something special and tangible. We’d like to present ‘The Five Year Anniversary Special Edition Departure Songs’ vinyl. Included in the package is artwork used for the tour posters from the last 5 years. One piece of extra art for each year, printed individually with the tour dates on the back, as a thank you to everyone who has stuck with us over the years.

If you haven’t seen us live yet, we’ll be back on the road once all this is over and the world is in a better place.

As always, thank you for all the support. “

Following the unfortunate passing of former frontman Chris Torpy in 2013, the band reconvened as a fully instrumental group to record an emotional collection of “Departure Songs” celebrating the stories of others with unfortunately failed missions. From The Last Dive of David Shaw to the 2-part ode to the Challenger space mission, the record traverses deep terrain without the use of lyrics.

In 2019, the album’s feature track ‘A Gallant Gentleman’ was selected to feature in UK comedian Rick Gervais’ new series ‘Afterlife’ during a poignant scene in which the protagonist also considers whether to go on whilst dealing with an intense loss. The band’s answer to questions like these is captured in the catharsis of the material they released on this album whilst dealing with the loss of their friend.

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