Monumental rock quartet OK WAIT announces its new album “Well” for release on April 1, 2022, via Golden Antenna Records on digital and vinyl formats.

OK WAIT just released the first single ‘Dust’ with a moody video, edited by Drew Storcks and Natalie Kohlhepp (art direction).

The name OK WAIT is new— the four musicians behind the project are not. The Hamburg band emerges from the preceding band’s SONIC BLACK HOLES guitarists Christoph Härtwig and Michel Jahn. In 2019/20 they were completed with bassist Florian Zeh (previously in RODHA) and drummer Lutz Möllmann (also in BARRELS, previously in CALEYA, EISENVATER, ULME, and others).

The band performs instrumental and epic rock music, that cannot clearly be categorized as post-rock. They rather blend in their influences of post-metal, noise rock, grunge, and progressive rock. The band’s name OK WAIT proposes to pause, reflect upon and re-evaluate common ideas and concepts.

The album “Well” consists of five songs, arriving at a total playing time of fifty minutes. Each track journeys aimfully through layered sonic textures into huge break-ups. The songs are often interconnected by atmospheric codas.

The record was written, and recorded by the band throughout the latter half of 2020— due to the pandemic situation most of the production took place in the members’ own home studio. On two tracks you can hear guest musicians adding lap steel and violin. 

The album was produced by the members of the band, mixed by Christoph Härtwig, and mastered by CULT OF LUNA’s Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios. The cover is showing a painting by the US artist Frank Gonzales. Bassist and graphic designer Florian Zeh took on the album design.

Pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl here.

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