Consouling Sounds announcing the release of “Ex Est”, the second album from Tilburg-based blackened doom metal band Ggu:ll, now scheduled for release on CD and vinyl on October 21st. 

For their new record “Ex Est”, Ggu:ll extracted the coldness of black metal and added that into the mix of doom and noise. In seven tracks, they present a wide spectrum of heavy music. Shifting from blackened doom to heavy psychedelic back to noise-infused torture drones.

Since its inception in 2009, Ggu:ll has meandered a stoic path through the pitch-black music landscape. Pulling influences from noise, doom, and atmospheric drones, they build a steady live reputation, leading to shows at Roadburn, Le guess who?, Neurotic Deathfest, Archerontic Arts and Soul Crusher.

This exploration of slow and intense music resulted in their debut record “Dwaling”, released by Ván Records in 2016. The album gained international recognition and press coverage. Sharing the stage with bands like Bongripper, Primitive Man and Inter Arma made sure Ggu:ll found their core audience and sold out their record over the years.

The band’s new album titled “Ex Est” refers to the state after being. The realization that all that is, will someday not be. All are doomed to end up as a ruin themselves. Herein lies the search for meaning in existence, despite the realization that life itself is meaningless. Artist Manuel Tinnemans visualized this theme in the exclusive cover art accompanying this release.

Pre-orders are now available at this location.

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