Music festivals are as much about the locations as they are about the bands that provide the soundtracks. Offering an alternative to the standard hedonism, many music festivals use music, wildlife, and various activities (canoeing, biking, sports, creative zones, DJ area) to bring people together. There is always something magical about festivals that immerse you in nature and transform otherwise sleepy areas into party and rave paradises.

While traveling to such remote locations is not easy, it is always the most rewarding. But nothing quite beats waking up to a luscious green field, seeing a river passing by, and dancing the day away in fairytale forests. Fear not; if you are looking for a nature-positive experience, one harnessing the natural world’s power, Rock la Mureș has a nature focus running through its core.

Just as its name suggests, Rock la Mureș is a pretty stunning place, a festival that fully reflects the need for freedom, music, and the nature of our being. This family-friendly festival is for people and the local area, held in Periam, a village in Timiș County, Romania. One of the country’s largest rivers, Mureș, flows about five km north of Periam, forming the natural border of Periam with Arad County.

Not only does the Mureș river and the surrounding forest provide some much-needed respite from the sun, but it makes all attendees feel grounded and in touch with nature from start to finish.

One of the festival’s highlights is its fantastic camping options, giving you a chance to really soak in nature, making it quite unique. The campsite is situated in the middle of the forest and by the river making for beautiful sunrises and sunsets while the festival itself takes over the grounds of Periam Port.

Moreover, you are encouraged to bring your tent and blankets and settle on the soft grass as the festival organizers light bonfires and share stories across the fire. Apart from the music, expect to be blown away by canoe trips, biking trails on the banks of the Mureș river, volleyball and mini-football courts, and merchandise areas.

Another great part? While food of any kind is much accepted, the food area on Rock la Mureș will emphasize local specialties. So less hamburgers and more dishes with natural ingredients. The fruits are taken from the gardens of the locals and the famous orchards of Periam. Oh, and free transport is provided from Periam railway station to the festival venue, and you will find an ATM in Periam village.

As avid festival goers here at CVLTARTES, our dream festivals combine dazzling decors, breathtaking backdrop, music that gets you moving, and a crowd of people you’ll instantly fall in love with. It sounds like a match made in heaven, and Rock la Mureș has them all. So, see you there?

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Cover photo: Robert Bulz