It was about last week when we talked about Digital:Canvas and here they are with another interesting project. This time we’ll get to see Antonio Anzalone, an Italian artist currently living in Frosinone. He completed his master in Media Art at Frosinone Academy of Fine Arts. His graphic research aims at creating meaning through generated events and relationships defined by finding synergy between counterparts; or to put it simple, ordinary shapes, as circle and square or sphere and cube are located in an undefined context.

The instability and insecurity of the Universe we live is in fact, the essence of Antonio’s works, making you reconsider about quantum knowledge that “is neither here nor there, nor in any way”. He somehow wants to expose this complicated vision in a simpler way for us to understand. There are many theories that revolve around these approximations “the good, the bad, the black or the white”, that the uncertainty makes you think about the fragility of reality and life itself.

The event will take place in artouching studio, March 1st.

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