The exhibition of visual artists Réka Lőrincz and Dorottya Vékony, titled “Everything is more than meets the mind,” will open on the 6th of May at Győr’s independent contemporary exhibition space, Torula. The aim of the artists is to provide a unique chance to update, complete and expand concepts like value, knowledge, care, and community.

Due to its nature, the term “definition” implies a kind of limitation – the exhibition strives to offer alternatives instead of outdated viewpoints. The works of Réka Lőrincz and Dorottya Vékony display the forgotten layers of meaning behind value and knowledge in a liberating way: female dimensions, community perspectives, and the endless possibilities of our individual choices. These two artists are driven to find out how our ideas, belief systems, and worldviews influence our lives. The exhibition opens up different opportunities to explore collective care, productivity, birth, potential, and alternative value systems.

Besides visual art, Réka Lőrincz is also involved in energetic healing. Drawing on the latter, she builds a symbolic personal dictionary from ready-made objects (from money through artificial nails to garden tools). She sees objects as unfinished, raw materials and brings them into her works, endowed with new meaning. She articulates new points of view in relation to society and individual roles by adding humor and positive energy.

Dorottya Vékony deals with the female body along with various personal and social issues in her works. She is also interested in the critical readings of concepts like female reproductive work and the so-called female principle. She often uses performative elements in the form of reenactments or still pictures. She is currently a doctorate at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and a lecturer at the Media and Design Institute of Károly Eszterházy University.

The two artists started working together during a residency program in Slovakia. They are not only friends but also close to each other from a creative point of view, so they see their joint work as a harmonious unit.

Torula, the location of the exhibition, is one of the most exciting cultural spaces in the western part of Hungary. The facility, founded in 2017, is located on the site of the former yeast factory of Győr Distillery and Refinery Co. and operates as the central hub of the Vienna-Budapest-Bratislava contemporary art axis. Thanks to the industrial scale of the building, there are hardly any physical limiting factors in the exhibition space.

So, in addition to interactive fine art projects, it is suitable for accommodating many concepts from ballet to sound installations. In addition to exhibitions, Torula also hosts artists: within the framework of their residency program, they provide professional and physical space for the development of the region’s artists.

The exhibition can be visited between May 6 and June 3, 2023.