From Russia With Coldness: “Трон” {Review}

I was looking through the darkest metal songs for something to fruit up my human being, so I came across on a Russian project; a country with such a different style in delivering dark music. The project is called TAR and it’s a post-black metal band. Their first full-length “Трон” was released April this year. […]

Exclusive: “Restructured destiny” by Daria Amaranth

Daria Amaranth needs no introduction, she’s one of our favorite collaborators (read here). “Restructured destiny” is the newest series and it’s a new mysterious world Daria created. It has the same gray tone we’re used to, but it feels a little touch of Anna Danilova. Her photos are in places disturbing, I’m actually scared of […]

The Exorcism-Like Photographs of Dmitri Pryahin

Russia-based photographer Dmitri Pryahin just likes to take photos of dancers and moving people, as he states: “I like to make photos of moving people, dancers, musicians etc, and these photos have the same inspiration as I shoot people, and the same style. It doesn’t matter what you see since you always see human, and […]

Ekaterina Grigorieva. Visions of a Russian Girl (Interview)

Ekaterina Grigorieva is a photographer and painter based in Moscow, Russia. Her works were published in many magazines such as Cake Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Fashion Collection, Le Mile Magazine, SOME Magazine, Foto&Video Magazine, and Muse Magazine. She exhibited in Moscow and France. Ekaterina works under the name ‘’Nemo et Nihil’’, claiming that she draws what […]

Ishome Will Bring Wilderness in Iasi

Mirabella Karianova is a 23 year old artist from Russia who produces electronic music under the pseudonym Ishome. After a few shows in Romania  (10 October, Boiler Club, Cluj-Napoca and 31 October, Control Club, Bucharest), Ishome will also perform live in Iasi, on November the 1st (location not set yet). Ishome creates electronic music for […]