Galleons are a progressive post-hardcore and mathcore band from Australia and Russia. The band consists of Australian vocalist Tom Byrne, Russian vocalist Sergey Rodionov, and Russian multi-instrumentalists Max Shepelevand Eugene Starshinov. The band has since independently released two EPs (2015-2017) and two full-length albums (2018-2020).

Vocalist Tom Byrne offered some insight behind ‘Hate the Player, Not the Game’: “When writing tracks I usually don’t write about stories or anecdotes. This song is more just about internal conflict and how certain people feel the need to reject responsibility for their own actions. It expresses ideas behind how easy it is just to give up on, and phone in, responsibility in general just because a situation might be difficult.”

The post-hardcore powerhouse originally derived inspiration from bands more popularly known as Swancore, with the likes of Dance Gavin Dance, Fall of Troy, Hail The Sun, and many other similar artists throughout the 2010s. Over the last 5 years, Galleons have developed their sound by introducing elements found in contemporary genres such as pop, trap, hip hop, and low-fi, while also infusing songs with hints of jazz, soul, and blues.

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